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CLAY Post-Gathering Bible Study

Part of reminding our youth about CLAY is gathering when we have returned home, meeting as a Home Team and taking time to recap everything that happened at CLAY 2023! We hope you’ll use this post-gathering Bible Study with your Home Team and take the time to pray, learn and show gratitude for each other and all you did this summer!

CLAY Pre-Gathering Bible Study

Part of getting ready for the gathering is to spend some time together as a Home Team! We hope you’ll use this pre-gathering Bible Study with your Home Team to learn more about this summer’s theme and to get to know each other better!

Let’s Get Ready: CLAY Resource Pack

This resource, designed for you by our CLAY NPC has everything you need to start getting ready for CLAY 2023. The CLAY Resource is created with youth in mind, and contains suggested scripture readings, devotions, activities, music and more to help youth and community leaders plan and carry out an event for their group. With contributions from Keynote Speakers: Rev. Nathan Fong and Rev. Aneeta Saroop, as well as pieces from the Venerable Val Kerr, who will be our Gathering Elder. We are so excited to offer this free resource and hope that this builds community and excitement as you explore the gathering theme: Ashes & Embers.

  • Spark – Gather and enter into community with one another.
  • Flame – Worship and build energy.
  • Ember – Ask questions, ponder ideas, generate discussion.
  • Ash – Celebrate together as you close your event.

So light a fire (safely) and gather your friends, community, church or youth group, and sing, pray and laugh together as we join together across Canada this summer to be inspired by what God can teach us through Sparks, flames, Ashes & Embers!