Wondering how participating in an online CLAY is going to look and feel? 

We’re using a virtual conference platform called PheedLoop, and they have produced a training video designed to get people familiar with the platform and all of its features. 

Heads up – it’s 23 minutes long! But it’s jam-packed with helpful information, tips and tricks, so we do recommend watching it


Get to know PheedLoop!

Since it’s a generic video, there are a few features that we’re not using for this event specifically. For instance, you can skip the “Groups” section (from 19:47 – 20:43).
Click here to watch the video.
You will be able to access the CLAY event in PheedLoop in August.
Each participant will receive an email with their login credentials. And we’ll send those emails a few days before the event, so you will have time to login and check things out before the gathering kicks off.
If you’re keen to jump in and practice using PheedLoop before that, you can check out their demo “Space Travel Conference”   User: [email protected]  Password: demoPL123!
Questions? As always, you can reach us at [email protected]

Watch the Home Team Leaders Orientation Session

Available now!

Gathering Details and Resources 

You’ll find tips and information (such as Tips for Hosting an In-person CLAY Event!).