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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

CLAY 2014: Sunday

With CLAY 2014 ending faster than anyone had imagined, CLAY left everyone with a sadness to return home to school and work, but also a...

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CLAY 2014: Saturday

With the last full day at CLAY coming to a close, each participant had their share of team building, important discussions, and lasting...

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Distortion/Contortion and Freedom/Perfection

A recap of Scott Evans’ presentations on Friday, August 15th, at CLAY 2014.  “Distortion and Contortion: Can You See...

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Servant Event: Tranquille Farm

On Friday, August 15, CLAY participants travelled to Tranquille Farm, located about 15 minutes outside of Kamloops. Over the past 200...

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CLAY 2014: Friday

With a well deserved night’s rest to give each home team the energy to get the most out of the weekend, each team woke up bright and...

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CLAY 2014: Thursday

From airplanes and buses to cars and taxis, youth from across the country travelled far and wide for the first day of CLAY 2014: “Worth...

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