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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

Specialist Home Team

The Specialist Home Team is made up of youth, selected from across Canada, age 14-19, who will be involved directly in leading the CLAY gathering, while having the opportunity to participate in many of the usual gathering activities like a regular Home Team.  You apply as an individual (NOT as a group) to be part of the Specialist Home Team.

Members of the Specialist Home Team will work in one of the main areas of the gathering: Worship and Special Events; Stage Production and Technical Support; Communication and Media; Event planning, Registration and Administration; Creative and Performance Arts Support.

You will have 2 Home Team Leaders who will work with you, lead the pre-gathering training and be in residence for the whole week with the team. They will also coordinate your work schedule, assign roles and help develop your skills in your specialist area.  Like any other Home Team, you will have Home Team meetings scheduled during CLAY.

Got questions? Check out these FAQs to hopefully find some answers.

The application deadline for CLAY 2018 has passed. Stay tuned to hear more about the team and their experience at threads!

Humans of CLAY: Leah Burrows – 2016 Specialist Home Team Member

“For my first two CLAY gatherings, I was a participant with my local home team. Coming from a small youth group in Newfoundland, I had never been to anything quite like CLAY before. I remember the first time I walked into a large group gathering and was completely blown away by the sheer number of young people and their overwhelming enthusiasm. Last year, I had the opportunity to engage in a different role within the CLAY gathering, as a Specialist Home Team member. As a part of the Specialist Home Team, I was responsible for helping the national planning committee run the event. I know that might sound like all work and no fun, but being a part of the Specialist Home Team was probably my favourite CLAY experience so far.

During the event, I helped with everything from helping run ministry projects to assisting with worship services at large group gatherings. This experience gave me the confidence to speak in front of over a thousand people, which is something I definitely never saw myself doing before CLAY. I had the chance to see how things work behind the scenes and be a part of something big. “