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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

Q&A With Scott Evans

When the Keynote Speaker for CLAY 2014 was announced, many of you may have been wondering “Who the heck is Scott Evans?” So get to know a little more about him with this Q&A! And if you have any more questions for Scott, tweet them to @NotScottEvans!

What’s Your Occupation?

 My business cards say Author/Blogger/Speaker on one side … and Unemployed/Of No Fixed Abode on the other! Both are true. I don’t have a job in the traditional sense of the word but manage to keep body and soul together by traveling, speaking and selling the occasional book.

What first attracted to you to youth ministry?

The youth workers who led me when I was a teenager are some of the most important influences on my life. Quite simply, I wanted to be like them. To influence lives, lead people further in their faith journeys and reach out to struggling teens outside the church.

(I also loved the idea of a job that was not 9-5 and included games, good chats and copious amounts of coffee.)

Five Interesting Things About Me:

1. Though I am Irish, I lived in Bangladesh from the ages of 7-15.

2. I have traveled to over 30 countries.

3. I HATE mushrooms and cucumbers with a passion.

4. I spent way too much of the 90’s wearing a mullet.

5. I spent a year as a wanted criminal … and had no idea!

(Editor’s Note: It was for traffic offences he didn’t commit in a car he didn’t own… It’s a bit of a long story!)

What Does “Worth It” Mean to You?

For me, ‘Worth It’ excites me because it’s an opportunity to explore what God thinks we’re worth in a way that can change our lives … if we’ll allow him to and because it’s an opportunity to discover a life worth living.