The CLAY Crew is made up of youth, selected from across Canada, age 18–21 (by December 31st of the gathering year), who will be involved directly in leading the CLAY Gathering, while having the opportunity to participate in many of the usual Gathering activities like a regular Home Team.

You apply as an individual (NOT as a group) to be in the CLAY Crew.

Members of the CLAY Crew will work in one of the main areas of the gathering: Worship and Special Events; Stage Production and Technical Support; Communication and Media; Event Planning, Registration and Administration; Creative and Performance Arts Support. Please specify on the application which of these areas you are most interested in and why. 

Want to learn more? Download the CLAY Crew Manual for 2023 here!

The CLAY Crew is a unique opportunity for youth to learn about what happens
behind-the-scenes at the gathering. It is an opportunity for leadership development,
and for youth to exercise their gifts and develop skills for ministry within the
context of CLAY.

The CLAY Crew participates in the gathering by assisting the NPC, the LGG production
team, and volunteers in various areas of CLAY. Individual roles and responsibilities
for each member will be custom-tailored to suit the unique gifts and interests of
that participant, as well as meeting the needs of the CLAY planning team.


• Develop young leaders
• Spiritual development
• Helping youth use their gifts while at CLAY and nurture their development of these gifts
• Build community within their own CLAY Crew

The CLAY Crew Coordinator is a member of the NPC, and thus, is the liaison
between the NPC and the CLAY Crew. The CLAY Crew Coordinator shall:

• Select two CLAY Crew Leaders (one male, one female)
• Train and equip the CLAY Crew Leaders
• Coordinate promotion of the CLAY Crew on the website and social media.
• Arrange for the application for the CLAY Crew to be posted on the CLAY
• With the CLAY Crew Leaders, review applications and select participants
for the CLAY Crew.
• Communicate with the CLAY Crew Leaders in the time leading up to CLAY,
and at CLAY itself.
• The first day on-site, plan and lead team orientation and team building
for the CLAY Crew and the CLAY Crew Leaders or equip the crew Leaders
to do this.
• Ensure the CLAY Crew Leaders have up-to-date criminal record checks
(including vulnerable sector check). Ensure that they have appropriate
training related to working with children and vulnerable people, as per
national church guidelines.
• Use information provided by applicants regarding skills, gifts, and areas of
interest to help assign the CLAY Crew to areas of the CLAY planning team.
Liaise with appropriate NPC members to see if they can accommodate one
of the CLAY Crew members in their activities.

The CLAY Crew Leaders are home team leaders responsible for the CLAY Crew
while they are on-site at the Gathering location, both for CLAY preparation leading
up to CLAY, and during the Gathering itself. The CLAY Crew Leaders may carry
other roles at CLAY, as long as their primary role is as home team leader, and these
other roles do not interfere with the role of home team leader. The CLAY Crew
Leaders shall have the following responsibilities:
• With the CLAY Crew Coordinator, review applications and select participants
for the CLAY Crew.
• Register the CLAY Crew
• Pre-gathering team building: Organize communication (Google Hangouts,
etc.) to allow members of the CLAY Crew to meet each other prior to CLAY.
• Familiarize oneself with resources available to Home Team Leaders. All of
the responsibilities of a Home Team Leader apply to the CLAY Crew Leaders.
• Help the CLAY Crew build relationships with members of the NPC and key
• Plan and lead home team time daily while at the Gathering.
• Receive requests for tasks for the CLAY Crew, and delegate appropriately.
Follow up with the CLAY Crew to ensure that they feel comfortable
performing these tasks.
• Review daily schedules with each member of the CLAY Crew, especially
during the Gathering. Ensure an appropriate balance between volunteer
tasks, learning opportunities, worship, home team time, and rest.
• Keep track of the CLAY Crew. Know where they are at all times, and ensure
you are available to them.
• Ensure the health and safety of the CLAY Crew. Keep track of their special
health, medication, and dietary requirements. Ensure that they are observing
curfew and lights-out requirements, as well as appropriate boundaries

• Learn about the behind-the-scenes work and play that goes on to make
CLAY happen.
• Explore opportunities to use and nurture skills and talents
• Take time to explore what it means to be a leader, to be a Christian, and
to be involved in youth ministry.
• Volunteer in certain areas of CLAY that are of interest to the CLAY Crew.
• Develop friendships with members of the NPC, and other Gathering

The team arrives at the Gathering location a few days prior to the Gathering to
prepare for CLAY, receive orientation and training, and gel as a team. The following
activities are recommended for the CLAY Crew during this pre-Gathering period
(2 days before gathering start day):

2 days before:

• The CLAY Crew and the CLAY Crew Leaders arrive at Gathering site, get
unpacked, and settle in.
• Time for exploration of the Gathering site as a home team.
• Review of Gathering rules.
• Time for socialization as a home team (ie. games, movie, etc.)
• Ice-breakers and group bonding activities
• Team-building & team covenant
• Reflection on the Gathering theme in the form of a Bible Study
• Theological reflection on the role of the CLAY Crew
• Sharing faith stories
• Reflections on leadership
• Prayer
• Set expectations for the week. Decide with the CLAY Crew what is an
appropriate balance of volunteering, gathering participation, free time,
and rest might look like.

1 day before:

• Link the CLAY Crew with their Specialization areas and NPC members
or key volunteers (ie. Production Team, Events, Communications, Video,
Registration, Education, etc.)
• Home Team Time
• Allow time for the CLAY Crew to connect with their friends from home
at some point during the day.
• Late-night check-in.

CLAY has a hectic schedule, and NPC members and key volunteers often work long
hours during the Gathering. The team should not be expected to work as intensely
as NPC members and key volunteers. Therefore, the CLAY Crew Leaders must
manage expectations, and help their team to plan out their days so that they
have an appropriate and realistic balance. The following considerations are
recommended during the Gathering:
• The CLAY Crew should take at least one hour every day during the
Gathering for Home Team Time. This is a time to check-in, reflect on the
day, build relationships, work through any issues, and pray together. If
significant events happen during the gathering, these should be briefed
or debriefed during Home Team Time.
• The CLAY Crew should eat at least one meal together every day.
• The CLAY Crew should have the opportunity to participate in at least one
LGG and/or worship service per day (the exception would be crew members
involved in the production of the LGG’s since they are required behind-the-
• The CLAY Crew should volunteer for approximately 8-10 hours each full day
of CLAY.
• The CLAY Crew should have the opportunity to participate in at least one
activity per day other than the LGG.
• The CLAY Crew should have the opportunity for at least one hour per day
of free time.
• After the Gathering, it is recommended that the CLAY Crew members
and the CLAY Crew Leaders leave the Gathering on Monday morning.
Sunday afternoon should be reserved for reconnecting as a team, debriefing,
celebrating achievements, attending the wrap up party and saying goodbye.
• An opportunity for post-Gathering connection is recommended. Decide as
a team what that might look like.