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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

CLAY 2014: Sunday

With CLAY 2014 ending faster than anyone had imagined, CLAY left everyone with a sadness to return home to school and work, but also a hope and inspiration from the songs we sang, the lessons from Scott Evans we learned, the team building with each other we had made, and even the skills we can bring home from the ministry projects. With everyone awake bright and early with their suitcases packed to enjoy their last breakfast together, the crowd headed to the gymnasium for the final large group gathering of the weekend. The final sets of ministry projects had their chance to show off their talents and give their prayer through action, such as the photography group and their slideshow inspired from various words such as compassion, love, help, and God. Followed by the liturgical dance performance, the drumming group showcased their ice cream bucket drums, CLWR: Telling Our Story group sharing their compilation video that they worked on over the past two days, the Have You Eaten Today group telling the audience the shocking statistics about world hunger, and lastly the Singing Together group lead their last song with the crowd joining in. Scott Evans, the keynote speaker, had the chance to share his last message with the 600 people at CLAY about the deep connections of faith and action and surely left each person with strong messages to take home. With the last song and even an encore bringing each person to their feet and dancing, everyone headed back to the residence for their packed lunch, said their final goodbyes to each other, and headed off back to their daily lives across Canada. CLAY is truly not just a four day event once every two years, but is four days that set the course of those two years to come. New friends, stronger relationships with each other, new learnings and inspiration, and especially the closer connection built with God is what sets everyone¬†who comes to CLAY with a mission and a purpose. In particular, this year everyone learnt that they are “Worth It”, and not just in themselves and for other people, but everyone is worth it to God.