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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

CLAY 2014: Saturday

With the last full day at CLAY coming to a close, each participant had their share of team building, important discussions, and lasting memories throughout the extensive activities throughout the day. Waking up bright and early to make the most out of their last day, each team met together to eat their breakfast and brace for the early large group gathering. Shortened to only forty-five minutes, the drama troupe, CLAY band, and keynote speaker Scott Evans manage to jam pack arm-raising songs, enthusiastic videos, and the message of Jesus threatening the entire religious establishment and being the springs of life for others that left an impact on everyone.

Afterwards, each team member then split off to their corresponding ministry projects to prepare and finalize their offerings for CLAY and God. With everyone headed back to the campus activity centre, the Rhythms of Life ministry project had set up their own flashmob of drummers to show off their talents they have learnt in the past days with help from members of Bill Cliff’s “Singing Together” ministry project to help. After a lunch of stir fry and spring rolls, everyone returned back to the gymnasium for another round of songs, drama performances, and a talk from Scott Evans about the connection between faith and action. Accompanying the usual performances, the I Am an Ally, Mining Justice, Gospel Slam, and National Youth Project ministry project groups all had a chance to share what they had been working on the past two days.

After a brief break to get packed and ready, everyone was loaded onto busses and headed over to the BC Wildlife Park to enjoy the Birds of Prey show, dinner (courtesy of the local Lions Club), complimentary train rides, grizzly bear and other animal habitats, and a calming night worship in the amphitheatre with all of CLAY present.

The day concluded with the final late night spots: the dance, games, and an adult talk for the young adult CLAY participants and home team leaders, the last full day of CLAY ended off an astounding success and left each participant tired and exhausted, but also satisfied and full of inspiration from what CLAY had in store.

-Ian Kobylanski, Specialist Home Team