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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

You Know You’ve Been To CLAY 2014 When…

– you rode a bus for four days and slept on church basement floors every night… and you wouldn’t trade it for anything!

– the first LGG completely overwhelmed you. Worship songs with drums and bass guitars accompanying? Dancing?

– you thought about the question “What defines you?”

– you see the Woman at the Well, the Prodigal Son, and the woman caught in adultery in a whole new way

– you swore that you’d never go dance in the praise pit

– but then you did

– you had a crush on at least one band member/drama member/keynote speaker

– you learned how to tell the difference between herbs and weeds at the Servant Event

– you heard something that made you rethink everything in your life up until this point

– you thought that Lion’s Den was an improvement on Dragon’s Den and should be made into an actual TV show

– you danced the night away (until the lights came on at midnight)

– or at least awkwardly stood around for a few minutes

– a bird swooped right past your head and your life flashed before your eyes at the BC Wildlife Park

– you came home with copies of all of Scott Evans’ books

– you went by the Huron at Western booth to grab Smarties at least 3 times per day

– you made friends with another home team while standing in line for something

– praise songs are still stuck in your head

– you learned what an “Anglican” is

– you learned what a “Lutheran” is

– you learned you are God’s Plan A… and there is no Plan B!

– you grew closer to God

– you discovered (or reaffirmed) that leading a Christian life is WORTH IT!


By Hannah Shirtliff, CLAY 2014 Communications Coordinator