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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

You Know You Went to CLAY 2016 If…

  1. You now know how to spell “Ceilidh” without the help of autocorrect
  2. You found out that you could dance the macarena to fiddle music
  3. All of your white clothing (and shoes) are now permanently dyed red from the soil
  4. You know that the Atlantic Ocean “isn’t that cold, once you get in!”
  5. You relied on Anne-gela to let you know what the plan was every day
  6. You decided it would be a great idea to stay up until 1 AM talking to your new friends… and only regretted it a little bit the next morning!
  7. You’ve already taught a younger sibling the “Everlasting Love” dance
  8. Your Instagram now features a #bishopselfie
  9. The Man of Green Fables prompted you to think a little more about familiar Bible verses
  10. You got up on stage to present a ministry project, or cheered on a friend who was presenting one
  11. You made friends that live thousands of miles away from your hometown
  12. Someone told you to stay off the dunes at Greenwich Beach
  13. You grabbed a prayer from the Prayer Share ministry project posters
  14. You know where every Pokestop is on the UPEI campus, and you know exactly where the Scythers were spawning
  15. Going up to the praise pit was a little intimidating, but you did it anyway
  16. You took a sunset photo by the ocean and were awed by the beauty of God’s creation
  17. Somewhere along the way, you slept on a church basement floor
  18. You took a photo wearing an Anne of Green Gables hat
  19. You got a little muddy at the Servant Event
  20. You’re already counting down to CLAY 2018 in Thunder Bay!

Hannah Shirtliff

CLAY 2016 Communications Coordinator