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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

Who Am I?

Hello everybody!! The day that we have all been waiting for has finally arrived CLAY 2018 Day 1. For those reading that have traveled far and wide to get to Thunder Bay I hope you all had safe travels and for those of you at home reading I hope all is well ! Now where do I start? My name is Alexa Ranta-Diegel, I live in Thunder Bay and I am a part of the CLAY 2018 Specialist Home Team. You might be thinking to yourself, “Alexa what are you talking about Specialist what does that even mean?” Don’t worry I am here to answer all of your questions. The Specialist Home Team is made up of 3 youth and 2 leaders. The three youth are: Aleksi from Thunder Bay, Cara from Winnipeg and myself. Our two amazing leaders are Jordan from Toronto and Hannah from London! We work together to help make the gathering happen and help out wherever help is needed. We all specialize in one area of the Gathering hence the name. I specialize in Event Planning so I will be working behind the scenes at all the Late Night Spots which you can find on the CLAY app. These Late Night Spots include: the dance, games room, music by the bonfire and much much more!! Late Night Spots are an amazing chance to connect with other youth across Canada and create new friendships. Now more about me, I am 17 years old and I’m going into grade 12 in the fall! This will be my third CLAY and I’m super excited for the opportunity to be behind the scenes for this CLAY and be able to have a hand in running this wonderful gathering. Other than being excited for CLAY this summer I have also been working full time as a Lifeguard at an outdoor pool catching the rays all summer long. I’m so excited to meet new faces and see old faces I haven’t seen in a while! Bye for now but you’ll be seeing me tonight at the Welcoming Event at the OutPost. Make sure to come out and see all the wonderful performers that we have lined up.
See you soon!

Hello! My name is Cara Robinson, and I’m 18. I grew up in Toronto Ontario, but I currently live in Winnipeg Manitoba (and have for the past year), and I’ll be starting at the University of Manitoba this September. This is my first ever CLAY and I’m already super hyped for all the activities. I became involved with CLAY through PWRDF and my work as a Diocesan Ambassador. I’ll be working as the Specialist behind the scenes at Large Group gatherings. I’ll be blogging about the Blanket Exercise and the National Youth Project! If you have any questions about what being a jDA or a Specialist means, feel free to hunt me down and ask! Along with all the blog posts, we and the filming crew will be recording some of what we do during CLAY for a video to show at the final LGG about what it means to be a member of the SHT, and hopefully get some of your excited to join for 2020! I can’t wait to meet you all and share this amazing, meaningful, and fun experience with all 800 of you!

Hey everyone it’s Aleksi Luoma the last of the three Specialist Home Team members. I’m super excited to have CLAY in my home to town! THUNDER CLAY! This is my third conference, I’ve been to both Kamloops and Charlottetown. I’ll be helping out with Worship and the Special Events that we have planned out.

Now a little about me. I am from the MNO Synod and a part of Hilldale Lutheran Church. Aside from CLAY, I’ve been to retreats in both my home town (Camp Duncan) and in Kenora (Luther Village) and I’ve got to say Luther Village may be just a little better. I am a very active person so if your looking for someone to throw around a frisbee, count me in. I am actually a competitive Nordic Skier. I’ve raced all over Canada so between CLAY and Skiing I’ve almost visited every single province and territory of Canada. In the fall I’m going to be moving down to Waterloo to study Chemical Engineering at Waterloo University. Eventually I want to go into Water Resources and hopefully help bring clean water to all of Canada.

My summer has been jammed packed so far. I have a camp on Lake Superior which I try to go to as much as I can, but I picked up a summer job that restricts that. I work for AGAT Laboratories as a Lab Technician. I also have been keeping up my training for skiing and visiting friends and family so I’ve been busy almost every day.

I’m so glad so many people took the trek out to Thunder Bay and I hope you all have the best time here! Don’t forget to download the CLAY app so you can keep up-to-date with everything going on during the conference.

Let’s get pumped for THUNDER CLAY!

-Aleksi Luoma