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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

Specialist Home Teams

The Specialist Home Team is made up of youth, selected from across Canada, age 14-19, who will be involved directly in leading the CLAY Gathering, while having the opportunity to participate in many of the usual Gathering activities like a regular Home Team. Youth apply as an individual (NOT as a group) to be in the Specialist Home Team. Members of the Specialist Home Team will work in one of the main areas of the gathering: Worship and Special Events; Stage Production and Technical Support; Communication and Media; Event Planning, Registration and Administration; Creative and Performance Arts Support.

The Specialist Home Team is a project that was launched at the Gathering in 2012.  In 2016 the Specialist Home Team returns for the third time with even more opportunities for youth, age 14-19,  who would like to be part of the leadership of the CLAY gathering in areas like communications and media, worship and special events, stage production and more. Please note that youth apply as an individual, not as a group to be in the Specialist Home Team. If you know a young person who would enjoy this experience and be an asset to the team, please refer them to this website and encourage them to apply.  You can also write to Judy, the Specialist Home Team Leader:  [email protected] if you have additional questions.

The deadline is March 25, 2016. Please do not wait until the last minute, or you may find that all the spots are full.

Download the application here: 2016 Specialist Home Team Application

Specialist FAQs

Specialist Home Team Descriptions

The CLAY 2014 Specialist Home Team

L to R:  Rebecca (Manitoba), Ian, Jenny, and Alynn (BC), and Grace (Ontario)




The CLAY 2012 Specialist Home Team

David Brown: 


David capturing footage of Saskatoon for a CLAY video

The Specialist Home Team was a whole new way of doing CLAY. Getting to work behind the scenes of the magic really allows you to get deeper into it and help make CLAY as special as it is.

Because everybody sees CLAY differently, everybody that comes to the Specialist Home Team brings a unique perspective that really make it so amazing. Getting to work with other Gathering-aged youth to share how you see the Gathering happen is a really special thing.

Aidan McBride


Aidan interviewing LGG producer Jordan Smith for a CLAY 2012 podcast.

Aidan recorded interviews with each keynote speaker and published them as podcasts on the website. He also worked in sound, lighting, and stage production with LGG producer Jordan Knight.


Hannah Shirtliff: 


Hannah writing a blog post for the CLAY 2012 website

I worked with the Communications and Media team at CLAY 2012 to tell the story of the Gathering through social media. (Perk: it was my job to be on Facebook and Twitter the entire weekend!) This meant taking pictures, recording videos, writing blog posts for the website, and making connections – both in person and on social media – to discover the stories that participants were telling about their Gathering experience.

A few months after CLAY wrapped up, I was asked to join the National Planning Committee for CLAY 2014. The work that I did as a member of the Specialist Home Team, combined with the mentorship that I received during my time in Saskatoon, helped prepared me for my present role as the Communications Co-Ordinator for CLAY 2014 and 2016. I would encourage anyone who’s interested in becoming a member of the National Planning Committee for CLAY 2016 (or a later Gathering) to apply. Being a member of the Specialist Home Team is an invaluable, once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the all work that goes on behind the scenes of every CLAY Gathering.

Oh, and getting to dance onstage during the last LGG with the entire National Planning Committee is pretty fun too!