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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

National Youth Project

The ELCIC and ACC have been engaged in a full communion partnership since 2001.  Since then, our churches have found ways to live out that partnership together – CLAY is one of those ways!

At the 2013 Joint Assembly, our churches committed to work together to engage issues of homelessness and affordable housing.  The commitment includes:

• to learn about the issues that contribute to poverty, homelessness, and substandard housing and to raise awareness within our communities of the challenges and the potential engagement in supporting initiatives to address these challenges

• to act by nurturing and supporting our own networks of agencies and programs with and for the homeless, the under housed, and refugees

• to act by exploring new models and working with partners, on innovative approaches to address poverty and homelessness

• to advocate for renewed Federal funding, an integrated national collaborative strategy, and greater accountability on the part of provinces and municipalities in addressing underlying causes of homelessness and in providing opportunities for affordable housing

• to pray for safe, affordable and adequate housing for all.

In light of this commitment, it felt like it was time to engage the youth of our churches in this initiative as well.  You get to participate in the first activity of Welcome… Home – the 2018-2020 National Youth Project of the ELCIC and ACC!

Here’s an activity that you can do to start exploring the National Youth Project. It was used as CLAY 2018, so if you were there, maybe you can help lead it with people at home! You’ll need these postcards for it too.