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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

Late Night Spots at Thunder CLAY!

Hello all!!

I hope you are having a fantastic time so far at THUNDER CLAY. Today on my blog post I will be talking all about Late Night Spots! I hope that everybody was able to have checked out at least one of the incredible spots last night.

Whether you went to the spectacular dance or the peaceful quiet room, Im sure it was an excellent experience to start to meet new faces or reconnect with old ones!! Tonight for the Late Night Spots there’s so many to pick from! Here are the activities to choose from : Games room, Improve with the Drama team, Outdoor games, Quiet room and, Singing around the campfire with the band. This list of all the Late Night Spots can be found on the app. All that you have to do is go on menu tab, then click schedule, click the “Sort by Tracks” at the top of your screen then lastly click on the Late Night Spots! Then you can check out all the Late Night Spots for the rest of the gathering. Also you can check out where the activity will be taking place and when! My first CLAY was Kamloops, BC 2001. At the time my home team include : My mother as the leader, my twin sister and myself. This meant that I knew close to no one going into this wonderful gathering called CLAY. What help me meet new friends are the Late Night Spots!! Being able to meet with other youth who are into the same things that you’re into made it so easy to meet new friends.  Those friends that I met in 2014 are friends that I continue talk to!! So get out there and meet some new friends at the Late Night Spots!

Talk soon!