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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

Introducing Steve Greene : CLAY 2018 Storyweaver!

The CLAY Planning Team are excited to announce Steve Greene as the Storyweaver for Threads! You may remember Steve from previous gatherings, where he has led powerful slam poetry ministry projects. As Storyweaver, Steve will speak at each Large Group Gathering, reflecting on and weaving together stories from various storytellers, stories of place and people, and the biblical story.

Here’s a little bit about Steve:

I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, by a single mother. I was blessed that she worked diligently as a mother and as a registered nurse that it left an indelible mark. Her words (hindsight is a crazy thing!), her stories and her life challenged me to be faithful in everything I do. My family is from Barbados, so the West Indian culture and Scriptural importance of the Bible were fixtures in my upbringing. From high school to my first stint at university (dark days!), I was taught that I must always give my best. Michael, my older brother and I are the first-born Canadians of our family and we hold deeply and dearly the roots, the sacrifices and the struggles which our mother and extended family have encountered for us to enjoy our way of life. To get a glimpse into my world, I enjoy: sports (i.e. football) and weightlifting, all things related to comics, reading and baked goods!!!

I am honoured to be the husband of a wonderful wife and the father of five!! Tracy and I are blessed to have Divine, Zachary, Autumn, Trinity and Joshua in our lives to keep us active and attentive. We are also foster parents for infants. The beauty of being the father of five and a foster father to many, enables me to learn and grow.