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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

Day Two: Keep Your Sandals On While Serving and Learning

For a recap of the first Large Group Gathering, click this link:

After lunch, everyone put on their “Not For Sale” t-shirts, long pants, and runners, and got off campus for the Servant Event. The Servant Event is an important opportunity for CLAY participants to reach out to our surrounding community and offer ourselves in service to others. Prince Edward Island is a small province, but CLAY participants were able to travel to over a dozen different locations to serve a variety of different organizations. (For a full list, see here:


Together, over 800 youth participants, home team leaders, and volunteer facilitators contributed over 2500 hours of volunteer activity to sixteen local community organizations. Participants came back with special CLAY Gathering Edition DIY-PEI dirt shirts and a greater connection to Prince Edward Island and its people.

After supper, it was time for the first Ministry Project session. Ministry Projects are facilitated by volunteer leaders, including representatives from Lutheran and Anglican organizations, Bishops, and youth leaders from across Canada. CLAY participants have the opportunity to share in discussions on issues, learn something new, and take their knowledge back to the larger CLAY group and their home teams. Home Team Leaders will be able to join into the fun on Saturday morning, with the “Try It” project option.

For a full list of Ministry Projects and descriptions, see here: CLAY 2016 Ministry Project Descriptions


After a brief home team check-in, it was time for late night spots! Pokemon GO was a last-minute addition to the schedule, but unfortunately the event was called off due to thunderstorms. The dance, quiet room, games room, and Young Adult Chat were busy from 9 PM – 11 PM.

After the excitement of the Late Night Spots, evening worship in the auditorium space was a welcome opportunity for everyone to wind down, reflect on the day, and prepare for an activity-filled Friday ahead.

-Hannah Shirtliff

Communications Coordinator

CLAY 2016