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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

Day Four: Mash-Ups, Ministry Projects, and the Beach

Saturday, August 20

It waaaaassss Beach Day! (To quote Anne-gela.)

But before CLAY participants headed out to Greenwich Beach, there was a full day of activities planned at the University of Prince Edward Island!

Half of the CLAY participants went to Morning Mash-Ups with the ELCIC and ACC Bishops, while the other half participated in a home team morning devotion. I was able to drop in to the Morning Mash-Ups for a few minutes to take photos, and it was one of  the (many) times at CLAY that I wished I could be in more than one place at a time! The youth were asking fantastic questions and having great conversations with the bishops.

In CLAY 2014, we introduced a new activity at CLAY: Ministry Projects. This year, we introduced a new aspect to Ministry Projects: the Try It component. In the two-session Learn It component, youth participants engaged with an issue and prepared a presentation for the final two Large Group Gatherings, to share what they’d learned with the rest of the group. In the Try It session, Home Team Leaders and youth learned about an issue together so that they could bring new knowledge back to their home congregations.

During Large Group Gathering #4, youth presented several ministry project pieces, including photography, Gospel slam, an Old Testament drama piece, and Radical Welcoming.

You can’t be on the East Coast without at least dipping a toe in the Atlantic Ocean, so after the Large Group Gathering, participants boarded buses for the Special Event, Beach Party at Greenwich Beach in Prince Edward Island National Park. We enjoyed a barbecue dinner beside the Interpretive Centre, then spent the early evening hiking trails, building sandcastles, swimming in the ocean, and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. When the sun set, it was time to get out of the water and walk along the beach to evening worship. Everyone gathered together within a circle of lanterns and prayed, sang, and listened to scripture. It was a peaceful and renewing ending to a long and busy day.

Check out   for photos of Saturday’s events!

Hannah Shirtliff

Communications Coordinator

CLAY 2016