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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

Servant Event

This year at CLAY, we’re doing something a little bit different for our Servant Event on Thursday! Rather than every Home Team going to the same location, we will be splitting up and travelling to work on different projects in the Charlottetown area! A full list of Servant Event assignments is available here: Servant Event Master List

Farm Centre Legacy Garden
Desbrisay Community Garden
Macphail Homestead
Macphail Woods
Alexander Fresh Vegetables
The Mount Community Garden/Seniors’ Home
PEI Food Share
Victoria Park Invasive Species Removal
PEI Earthship Building Project
GEBIS Buddhist Monks Little Sands Monastery
GWBI Buddhist Nuns
Parks Canada Shoreline Clean-Up Site #1
Parks Canada Shoreline Clean-Up Site #2
Hunter-Clyde & Wheatley River Watershed Group
Stratford Watershed Group
New Glasgow Group
Schurman Family Farm