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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay


Meet the people in charge of planning CLAY 2016!

David Burrows, Chair

David Burrows Hometown: Foxtrap NL

What does “Not for Sale” mean to you? Not for sale means recognizing the value of all that God gives us: Creation, Humanity, and Salvation.



Roberta Weston, Vice-Chair; Home Team Leader Coordinator

RobertaHometown: Kingsville, ON

What does “Not for Sale” mean to you? “Not for sale” to me means I am not on the market. I have been saved by grace and I am firmly grounded. I belong to God.







Heidi Wilker, Gathering Manager

Current town: Brampton, ON

Heidi photoWhat does “Not for Sale” mean to you? To me, ‘Not for Sale’ incorporates ethics, justice, respect, and holding firm in your faith. Not being swayed by greed, peer or social pressure, or misinformation is crucial to be rooted in faith by grace and fairness.





Angela Chorney, Registrar

AngelaHometown: Victoria, BC

What does “Not for Sale?” mean to you? Human beings, salvation, creation.This is God’s best and most valuable work, and it cannot be bought! When I think about the phrase “Not For Sale”, I wonder about how we can uphold and treasure each other and the world around us in ever-better ways. And I wonder about what alternatives there are to “selling” and how we can explore these ideas together at CLAY!


Judy Steers, ACC Staff Person

Specialty: WhiJudy Steersmsical Creative Ideas

Hometown: Guelph, ON

I used to live in PEI so I am really excited for CLAY to ‘turn red’ in 2016 and explore this beautiful part of Canada.

What Does “Not For Sale” Mean to You?

For me, “Not For Sale” speaks of stepping away from treating things like commodities or consumables.  People, the Earth, Faith  – they are not commodities to be sold, nor are they things we can ‘bargain’ with to get what we want or to meet our own needs or political motives. We need to learn to live in relationships of mutuality and respect.

Paul Gehrs, ELCIC Staff Person

Paul GehrsHometown: Winnipeg, MB

What Does “Not For Sale” Mean to You?

Creation — Not For Sale is a call to live simply and address a climate crisis generated by greed and over-consumption.

Human Beings — Not For Sale is a call to address human trafficking, inequitable working conditions and poverty.

Salvation — Not For Sale is a call to be in respectful relationship with all creation, all human beings and with our loving creator who liberates us by grace.


Peter Reinhardt, LGG Producer

Peter RHometown: Burnaby, BC

What does “Not for Sale?” mean to you? We have set up societies and systems to deal fairly with each other. We need these systems for our civilization to run smoothly, but our societies are not like the Kingdom of God, just like the ways in which we are not like God. In our society, we buy and sell for the efficient operation of transactions, and we use money to give value to commodities. But we have a glimpse, through the words of Jesus, of how God’s system of values is not like ours, and we hope to learn to find value in ourselves without attaching a price tag.



Hannah Shirtliff, Communications Coordinator

IMG_5460Hometown: Starbuck, MB

What does “Not for Sale?” mean to you? God’s grace is free for us and makes us free to love and care for others. Through God’s grace, we are also entrusted with certain responsibilities: affirming the dignity of all human beings, challenging the commodification of salvation, and questioning dominant power structures that keep people enslaved.





Kimber McNabb, Worship Coordinator

Kimber MHometown: Halifax, NS

What does “Not for Sale” mean to you? “Not for sale – whelmed by the gift of God’s grace, I am called (compelled) to live in relationship  with God, people, and creation, for the healing of the world.  Relationship is NOT a commodity that can be bought and sold. Relationship is birthed in the heart of God.”





Bonnie Skerritt, Local Arrangements Liaison & Special Event Coordinator

Bonnie Hometown/Current Town: My current town is Timberlea, NS. However, I have lived a large chunk of my life in and around the Guelph, ON area, and spent my childhood in Port Credit and Oakville, ON. 

What does “Not For Sale” mean to you? I have reflected on this on several occasions and always come back to one word…grace. Through grace we are saved, through grace God shares His creation with us, and through grace are we free. 




Rick Vantfoort, Pre and Post Gathering Guru

RickHometown: SOC Country (London, ON)

What does “Not for Sale?” mean to you?

It would be easy to take this on face value.  NOT for sale.  Negative.  Inflexible.  Final.
But that gets us nowhere. 
Not for Sale reminds us that God’s grace gives us ALL that we have and makes us ALL that we are – and that cannot be bought by us through good deeds or selfless living.  And it also means that these are not things that we can sell for our own gain or profit.  Just like the talents, the opportunities, the choices and the life that God gives us has no cash value, the things we do WITH them in our lives are not for us to sell off, but to GIVE, to SHARE and to use in Christ’s name.
You can’t BUY a smile, but you sure can create one.
You can’t BUY spirit, but you sure can share it.
You can’t BUY faith, but you sure can inspire others with it.
We are not here to sell ourselves to God or to buy our way into heaven – we are here to make ourselves available for the Holy Spirit to work in and through us, so that we can give others a chance to shine in God’s grace – and whether buying or selling, that’s simply Not for Sale.

Arran Thorpe, Worship Events and Servant Events Coordinator 


ArranHometown: Ottawa, ON

What does “Not for Sale” mean to you? 

By choosing “Not for Sale” as our theme with sub themes of

Human beings “Not for sale”

Creation “Not for sale” 

Faith “Not for sale” 

 We are making a statement about what we value and what we are striving towards in faith.  We are also saying what we are not willing to do and compromise on in faith.  I think this comes from our longing for justice and fairness among our human family and God’s creation.


Alynn Meginbir, Ministry Project Coordinator 


Hometown: Richmond, BC

Current town: Kingston, ON

What does “Not For Sale” mean to you?

To me “Not For Sale” means understanding that we can enjoy and respect the beautiful things that God has given to us, as they are, without having to trade them for manufactured products or services.  The focus on “Humans”, “Creation” and “Salvation” really shows what are the most important parts of our lives and that these are things that we should cherish and be thankful for as we know that many people and places do not share these same values. 

Bailey Adams, Welcoming Activities and Late Night Spots  
Kamloops, BC

What does “Not For Sale” mean to you? For too long, our people and our planet have been exploited. This is our world and this is our time to protect the freedom that all creation deserves.