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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

Ministry Projects

Ministry Projects will be returning to CLAY 2016 in Charlottetown! For those who are new to CLAY or unfamiliar with Ministry Projects, here’s a quick refresher: These projects replaced the time formerly occupied by “Forums”, but are quite different in their content and purpose. The two-part session will invite participants to listen, learn, perform, and share with each other and with the entire CLAY group – and then equip them to share what they’ve learned with the wider community as they go back to home congregations and contexts.

New in 2016 is the “Try It” option. Unlike the  two-part “Learn It” Ministry Project, where youth will share what they’ve learned with the wider CLAY community, “Try It” gives youth a chance to do a “crash course,” leading to a more diverse learning experience. You can share what you’ve learned during the Gathering with your home congregation or youth group!

The two-part “Learn It” sessions are for youth only, and the leaders can sign up later in the week for the “Try It” session! 

Sign-up will be during registration so you’ll want to make sure your youth have a chance to review the descriptions below before you arrive at CLAY 2016. We suggest that each youth select a first and second choice before the Gathering, as spaces are limited in each program.

You can download a list/description of the ministry projects here: CLAY 2016 MP Descriptions, or check out the list below:

Street Walk Experience – Change Begins With A Single Step

Leaders: Angie Hocking and Laura Holck

Location: Rear of McDougall, facing the road

Maximum Capacity: 60

Ecological Justice

Leader: Shannon Neufeldt

Location: Main 320

Maximum Capacity: 50

Rhythms of Life

LeaderL Judy Steers

Location: Irving 104

Maximum Capacity: 120

Relationships with Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples

Leader: Mark MacDonald

Location: Main 213

Maximum Capacity: 35

Bended Spoons: How We Can Help Alleviate Global Hunger

Leader: Jennifer Ardon and Tyler Gingrich

Location: Main 420 (Day One), McDougall (Day Two)

Maximum Capacity: 20

Prayer Share

Leaders: Rick Vantfoort and Katherine Altenburg

Location: Health Sciences 105

Maximum Capacity: 100

Writing on the Wall

Leader: Nicole Uzans

Location: Outside covered pathway attached to Duffy Science Centre

Maximum Capacity: 25

Greed, Corruption, and God’s Grace in the Old Testament

Leader: Michelle Bull

Location: Main 211

Maximum Capacity: 15

Singing Without Music and With All Your Heart

Leader: Bishop William Cliff

Location: McDougall 242

Maximum Capacity: 200

Radical Welcoming

Leader: Rev. Robyn Brown-Hewitt

Location: Kelly 211

Maximum Capacity: 30

Stop Traffick!

Leaders: Bonnie Skerritt and Debora Kantor

Location: Main 117

Maximum Capacity: 50

Creative Christian Yoga for Fun, Fitness and Spiritual Growth

Leader: Lee-Ann Matthews

Location: Kelly 210

Maximum Capacity: 25

Hunger is Not a Game

Leader: Sheilagh McGlynn

Location: McDougall 243

Maximum Capacity: 60

Bound to the Word – Power in Proclamation (Gospel Slam)

Leader: Steve Greene

Location: McDougall 246

Maximum Capacity: 50

Seeing Through Photography

Leader: Paul Sheerwood

Location: McDougall 329

Maximum Capacity: 60

With All Your Body (Liturgical Dance)

Leader: Rev. Brieanna Andrews

Location: McDougall 328

Maximum Capacity: 40

Free of Charge-Finding and Giving True Gifts

Leader: Todd Townshend

Location: Kelly 237

Maximum Capacity: 90