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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

Drama Troupe 2014

Introducing the Drama Troupe for CLAY 2014!

Luke Filipowicz

LukeI hail from Winnipeg, Manitoba where I have lived my whole life. I’m 23-years-old  which means I’m still a child. This is my second time on the CLAY Drama Troupe and I am very excited to worship and celebrate God’s love with you all once again. I am Creative Communications student at Red River College, a very intense program that focuses on Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, and Media Production. I plan on majoring next school year in Media Production with a focus in radio, my dream job is to be a morning show host on a music radio show. In my spare time I like to practice photography, act as much as I can and make up as many ridiculous Haiku’s as I can.

Oh and in case you were wondering my picture is a Selfie, with a filter on it, taken in my bathroom. What!? All the cool kids are doing it! 😛



Emmanuel John Malok Ayiet Jurkuc

EmmanuelAlthough having such a long legal name is at times inconvenient when traveling or doing any form of registering, I am still glad my mom has given me such a unique name. I am eighteen, Sudanese, was born in Kenya, and raised here in Canada. Currently, I am living in Halifax with my mom, and it was just over a year ago that we moved here from Edmonton, Alberta where I grew up.

We attend a small church called Trinity Anglican where I play guitar for the congregation. We love the east coast and the communities within it, especially our church community. Faith plays a very personal role in my life. To me, Christianity is a journey of faith and therefore; I do not take traditional religious teachings in stone, as I prefer to interpret what being Christian means to me, as I make mistakes, accomplish things, witness situations, and learn lots as I continue the journey which is life.

I am honoured to partake in this gathering, and I am more than excited to attend an event which promises a time to make new friends, answer big questions, and enjoy the utopian atmosphere that which is community.

Becca Manners

BeccaHey friends, my name is Rebecca but I mostly go by Becca or Becs – or you can just yell “hey you!” that works too. I am 21 years old and my birthday is always in and around the time of the gathering. This year it is the opening day, which will be such a special way to spend my 22nd! I currently live in Sackville, New Brunswick where I go to school at the tiny Mount Allison University (only 2500 students). I am in my third year here, majoring in International Relations (I love to travel!) and minoring in Theatre. Besides acting in school shows, I love to sing and I play the alto saxophone, guitar and a bit of percussion. I am always learning and picking up new instruments, it adds to the theatre experience!

My first CLAY Gathering was back when it was called CLYG in 2006 in Winnipeg. I was 13 when I travelled there and I loved the experience. I knew one day that I HAD to apply for the Drama Troupe! My hometown is London, Ontario and my home church is Trinity Lutheran. My youth group is SOC, they are the crazy bunch that will always have socks stuck to their shirts at the gatherings, so here is a shout out to those beauties! Also about me, I love photography, I am really short (and constantly make jokes about it) and I love food. Seriously though, food makes the world go round and my goal is to solve the food crisis by teaching people how to eat healthy, locally, and by serving others so everyone can get the proper nutrition they need.

Can’t wait to have a blast up onstage in August 2014, see you all then!

Rosemary MacAdam

Rosemary MacAdam, Youth Minister.My name is Rosemary and I will be entertaining you as part of the Drama Troupe. This is my first time going to CLAY so I am excited to experience the magic that is a critical mass of amazing people converging in one place and worshipping together. I have many hats- I work as a youth minister in a small Anglican parish in Toronto. I also support youth ministry in the Toronto Anglican Diocese. My other job is teaching world religion retreats to Catholic High School students. I love exploring big questions and learning about diverse faith traditions. Learning about the differences between major faiths has both helped me expand my horizons, open my mind and take delight in God’s creation. I’m excited by the theme of CLAY this year as a chance for us all to explore ourselves more deeply and ask “what do we value in our lives?” In my spare time I love- living in my body! I enjoy doing yoga, dance and hula hooping as spiritual practices. Hula Hooping?!…you say. Yes Hula Hooping. And I hope to share some of my spiritual practice with all of you at CLAY.