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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

Creative Team Leaders (2014)

Consider this your introduction to the people behind the Large Group Gatherings at CLAY 2014!

LGG Producer: Peter Reinhardt

PeterThis is Peter’s sixth time at a Gathering working towards the production of the Large Group Gatherings, eighth time at a Gathering for any reason.  He enjoys it, one might infer — and probably moreso than his day job, which is carpentry, and which he also enjoys.  He hopes that, after attending CLAY this year, all the participants will have a strong sense of how Church is where the people are gathered, and that we will come together and be blessed by God and by one another. Please ensure that you ask him to join your generic-brand footbag circle as much as possible when you see him at CLAY; neither would he turn down your offer to throw around a flying disc, kick about a soccer ball, or try some freestyle rap with you.  Peter enjoys making music and eating breakfast cereals.


Band Leader: Joel Mohr

JoelWhat does “Worth It” mean to me?

This is a tough question, because I think there are a lot of meanings that spring to mind.  If I have to really narrow it down I would say that there are 3 different aspects I most connect with.

First would be the idea of self-worth; am I Worth It?  I see this through the lens of “every day life” or “North American society,” asking do I feel I have any worth when measured against everybody else?  I know I often get caught up in worrying about whether or not I’m successful enough, or popular enough, or smart enough, or sexy enough, or tall enough, or fit enough, or fast enough, or wealthy enough, or good enough against whatever other judgmental yard stick is being used.

Second would be the connection between Worth It and Value, specifically asking what value do we place on our planet and environment?  Do we really give nature the value it deserves?  Are we treating our fragile planet with the care it needs?  Is destroying creation so that we can keep living in excess Worth It?  I would say these are rhetorical questions, but while the answer may be obvious, I also don’t think we’re spending enough time asking these questions and facing the honest reality about the damage we are doing to our world.  How should we act to care for a creation that is very Worth It?

Finally, I also see “Worth It” in a church-related sense, asking am I Worth It to Christ?  I know that often I don’t feel very Worth It.  I also know that I don’t deserve it, and thankfully this year’s gathering isn’t called Deserving It because I probably wouldn’t get invited!  But more importantly than anything else, I know I get to celebrate the fact that we have a God who loves us, that Jesus died for us, and that because of God’s grace I am worth it to Christ.  What more could you ask for?

I’m looking forward to feeling the energy of everyone who comes to the gathering and jumping around to the music.  I’m really pumped to hear our keynote speaker Scott talk about Worth It and share some of his stories.  WIth the band, I’m really excited to hear the outstandingly talented musicians make some great music.  We have some really fun and exciting new things we are going to incorporate into how the band plays music at the LGGs and I can’t wait to share that with everyone.  I’m also writing this in November so right now…I’m looking forward to that hot sunshine in Kamloops in August 😉


Drama Leader: Jenny Salisbury 

Jenny SJenny Salisbury is so excited to be back as part of the LGG team for Clay 2014!  After being a keynote speaker and the specialist home team leader at CLAY:HYPERLINK, she hurried home to begin a PhD in Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto.  Now in her second year, Jenny has spent the last two years directing, writing, and reading more than she thought was possible.  She continues to be the program coordinator for Ask & Imagine, a national youth leadership program based at Huron University College at Western University.    She works in new play development, arts education, and directs regularly in Toronto.  She is also a board game and silly sports enthusiast.  And knows 73 versions of “tag”.