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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

CLAY 2016 Band

In less than eight months, these talented musicians will be taking the stage in Charlottetown! Meet your CLAY 2016 band!

Ciara Day, Keys

Ciara DayHello all! My name is Ciara Day, and I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am a current member at Faith Lutheran Church and will be playing keys for you this year in the National Band! Besides playing music every other minute, I am studying at the University of Manitoba to one day excel in an accounting career. But anyways… back to the music! I’ve been playing music my whole life. I basically started at birth but got more serious at age 5 when I picked up the cello. From there I started taking piano lessons in grade 1 and have continued to play till this very day. Piano is my bread and butter…(Ironic considering I can’t eat either of those things!) I am thrilled to be apart of the the team this year. See you soon CLAY!!

Carlyn Graff, Vocalist

Carlyn GraffCarlyn has lived in Winnipeg, MB all her life. Music has always been a central focus in her life, with her first performance at the young age of 3, in church. This start was very fitting as music and worship have been closely linked since. For the past 6 years Carlyn has been the lead singer of MNO (Manitoba Northwestern Ontario) Synod youth worship band, Prairie Fire. She has performed in over a dozen musicals, plays guitar, and composes her own songs. Carlyn is currently finishing her Kinesiology degree at the University of Winnipeg, with the aspiration of working with older adults through personal training and group fitness. As a youth, she attended every gathering she was eligible for. She was over the moon to be a part of the band in Kamloops (2014), and is ecstatic to be returning as lead singer for Charlottetown!

Colin Houston, Bass Guitar

Colin HoustonOriginally from Ontario, Colin lives in Vancouver serving as the Youth and Family Minister for Christ Church Cathedral downtown. Colin’s experience in worship music began at St. Alban’s church in downtown Ottawa. His time there lead him to playing in our CLAY2014 band at Kamloops, and finally out to the west coast to follow his passion for youth ministry. In his spare time Colin can be found hiking mountains, sipping coffee with friends, though he says to be truly honest he’s most likely at home in his pjs watching Supernatural. Late last year he was fictitiously engaged to his bass guitar ‘Ginni Weasley’. The couple were most recently spotted picnicking on a Stanley Park beach but declined to comment on their upcoming wedding seeing as Mr. Houston can’t legally marry a bass guitar, in Canada.

Zack Ingles, Guitar

ZackHailing from the Okanagan Valley, BC; Zack currently resides in Ottawa, ON, where he serves as the Youth/Young Adult Minister & Music Director at St. Albans Anglican Church. He spent the majority of his life worshipping in the Vineyard Church before joining the Anglican Church with his current position. Zack loves conversations about God, life, and music. In his spare time, he can be found at the gym rock climbing or riding his bike around the city. Check out his website:




Evan Irwin, Drums

Evan IrwinEvan Irwin is from Winnipeg, Manitoba. This will be his second time attending the CLAY Gathering as the drummer for the band! Evan has been involved in the church community pretty much his entire life in some capacity! As a child he was baptized and that’s where his journey began. Evan has loved music his entire life and sharing it and playing it with others is one of the biggest sources of energy in Evan’s life.  Throughout the years Evan has played as the drummer for his church, Abundant Life, and was told about an opportunity to try out for the MNO Synod youth band Prairie Fire, which plays once a month throughout Manitoba. Evan has been with Prairie Fire for 6 years and has enjoyed all the experiences and fellowship that has come with being apart of such an incredible program!

Evan can not wait for the gathering to share music and faith with everyone! The last gathering was an amazing experience and he can not wait to see everyone at PEI!!

Kari Ree, Vocals & Acoustic GuitarKari Ree

I have always been a singer, something I inherited from my beautiful mama. I think my first performances were in the stands at my brother’s minor hockey games where I wowed the crowd with Hakuna Matata at the age of 4. I started playing guitar in high school and haven’t looked back. In my spare time, you can find me in a park or on the side of a street in Saskatoon or Calgary with my guitar playing my little heart out. Some people call it busking; I call it therapy.

I love creating things, all kinds of things, and I find I meet God in that process. Whether it is drafting how a kitchen cabinet will attach to a wall, singing new melodies as I’m driving down the highway, getting covered in chalk pastels up to my elbows, or making bread from scratch, there is something incredible about making.

I’ve wanted to be in the CLAY band since I went to my first gathering when I was 13. It was one of those crazy dreams that didn’t ever seem like it could really happen, but I’m finding that God has a way of putting those dreams on your heart and surprising you when he makes them happen. I am so excited to be able to worship with a bunch of really amazing youth and to see what God has planned for us in PEI!