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CLAY 2016: Charlottetown

Ministry Projects

Ministry Projects will be returning to CLAY 2016 in Charlottetown! For those who are new to CLAY or unfamiliar with Ministry Projects, here’s a quick refresher: These projects replaced the time formerly occupied by “Forums”, but are quite different in their content and purpose. The two-part session will invite participants to listen, learn, perform, and share with each other and with the entire CLAY group – and then equip them to share what they’ve learned with the wider community as they go back to home congregations and contexts.

New in 2016 is the “Try It” option. Unlike the  two-part “Learn It” Ministry Project, where youth will share what they’ve learned with the wider CLAY community, “Try It” gives youth a chance to do a “crash course,” leading to a more diverse learning experience. You can share what you’ve learned during the Gathering with your home congregation or youth group!

Sign-up will be during registration so you’ll want to make sure your youth have a chance to review the descriptions below before you arrive at CLAY 2016. We suggest that each youth select a first and second choice before the Gathering, as spaces are limited in each program.

So what are the Ministry Projects of 2016? We’ll be releasing descriptions gradually over the next few months, so keep checking back!