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CLAY 2018: Thunder Bay

Introducing: The Band and Drama Team!

Here are brief bios of the folks you’ll be seeing in the band and drama team in
Thunder Bay this Summer!

The Band 

Bryce MacEwen – Drums

Bryce is a Youth Worker and student from Saskatoon, SK, and he is excited to be playing drums at CLAY 2018! He’s been involved with music ministry in various communities since he was 10 years old. His desire is for people of all ages to be able to experience the power and grace of God when we come together to worship. He is looking forward to praising Jesus with everyone in Thunder Bay!


Lily Frampton – Vocals, Flute, Saxophone

Lily is a high school teacher from Ottawa, Ontario and an active member of her faith community. Growing up in Bells Corners, her home parish is Christ Church Bells Corners where she plays flute with their worship team and is a member of the youth group leadership team alongside four other dedicated members. She’s been playing the flute for ten years and is excited to be performing with the worship team at CLAY for the very first time this year. She has attended other faith conferences hosted by the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, loved the experience she had with learning alongside people from all over the world, and is excited to do the same at CLAY with people from across Canada.


Ken Grahlman – Bass, Vocals

Ken is so excited for everyone to have a new CLAY experience this year! His contribution? To add some sweet music for you to rock out and praise God to!

God gives us so many gifts and he is blessed to have music as one of those to share.

He is a self taught bassist and guitarist, currently serving as the music director at St. Alban’s Anglican church. (Although his background is Lutheran, shh, don’t spoil the secret!)

If you’re walking around and see him, don’t be afraid to come and say “hi!”


Anna Kochendorfer – Keyboards, Vocals

Anna is an avid lover of unplanned adventure. To date, she has travelled in and around nearly 40 countries, touching every continent but Antarctica – though she does hope to get there one day! She enjoys learning new things, whether that’s trying her hand at a new instrument or eating a new food, and especially meeting new cultures or ways of life. When not traveling, her two favourite loves are playing sports and the winter!  She is very excited to be a part of the CLAY 2018 band and can’t wait to see what adventures God will be taking everyone on throughout the gathering! 


Kari Ree – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Kari is so excited to be back for #ThunderCLAY! She is the only returning band member and she is thrilled to get to share this worship space with everyone at THREADS this year. Originally an Alberta girl, she is currently living in Ottawa and enjoying some time exploring the Anglican side of life. When not playing music you can find her nerding out over interior design and architecture or watching Netflix. Two fun facts about Kari: she is very opinionated about pens and she doesn’t like raisins. See you all soon!


Jeff Arndt – Guitar, Vocals

Jeff Arndt is a guitarist and vocalist for CLAY band. Originally from Regina, he is a resident of North Battleford, where he resides with his partner Debbie. He works for the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) and is very active in the performing arts as a musician and an actor. A member of Zion Lutheran Church, Jeff is a lifelong Lutheran and has been to 12 CLAY gatherings, in various capacities. He remembers CLAY BEFORE IT WAS CLAY, and can regale you with many stories from previous Gatherings. Jeff loves the process of bringing creative musical ideas to life for worship, or entertainment. He is also a songwriter, and enjoys crafting songs, recording and performance. He has been a member of many choirs and musical groups and always strives to learn and grow as a vocalist and guitarist. Jeff also loves the CFL, THE RIDERS, lively discussion, theology, and comedy in all its forms. A lifetime proponent of having a good time, spontaneous insight, and radical grace and compassion, he is excited at being in the band and is honoured to be on board with this year’s Gathering.


The Drama Team


Sara Ermet

After attending three gatherings as a youth, Sara is excited to be returning as part of the drama team for the 2018 gathering. She has done some small acting performances with her church and the MNO synod, and she has been dancing for many years focusing on ballet and Irish dance.  Right now she is studying education at the University of Winnipeg with the hope of becoming a gym teacher.


Devon Goldie

Devon Goldie grew up in Edmonton, AB and now makes her home in Victoria, B.C. with her meme-loving partner Mark. She recently received her BFA from UVic with a double major in Applied Theatre and Environmental Studies and will be starting an MA in Applied Theatre at UVic in September! So basically, she’s a certified drama queen! Since Not for Sale in 2016, she has grown 6 inches (mentally) and spent $3000 to save her cat Tank’s life after he got a blade of grass stuck up his nose. She’s excited to bring her unique style of artistic flair back to the CLAY stage for THREADS!

Jacob Rempel

Jacob is from Edmonton, but we won’t hold that against him! He’s excited to be back at CLAY for a second time! Jacob is a man with a wide variety of acting talents, but he’s especially skilled at playing arch-villains, such as the kind that threaten the galaxy with their light-sabers or Twitter accounts.


Lara Quinn Eberly

Lara Quinn is a recent graduate from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, majoring in Acting. She has spent her life loving God and performing. She is looking forward to combining the two at her first CLAY! Lara Quinn hopes to inspire others, increase her knowledge of God and make new friends.




Production Team

Jeremy Langner – Large Group Gathering Producer

Jeremy is a CLAY junkie. He’s been to every one since ON THIS ROCK in Halifax (yup that was last millenium!). Jeremy used to be a mechanical engineer, but he found that was too boring so now he’s studying to be a pastor. He loves playing music (guitar, bass, mandolin, piano, harmonica…), writing songs, camping (especially at Luther Village), cycling (especially through a Winnipeg winter), and just about anything that has to do with nature. His dream is to live with his wife Alyssa in an off-grid home with solar energy, a wood stove, a huge garden, and goats. He’s not so sure Alyssa shares that dream. Jeremy is super pumped to be working with an AMAZING creative team to bring the CLAY LGG’s (Large Group Gatherings) to life. See ya at THREADS!!!

Luke Filipowicz – Drama Director

Luke Filipowicz went to his first Youth Gathering in 2004 and absolutely fell in love with the idea of being on the Drama Troupe. 24 years later, Luke has been on the Drama Troupe twice (2012 and 2014) and took his first stint as Drama Troupe Director in 2016. He’s excited to work with a new team this year and explore the theme THREADS. When Luke isn’t freezing in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, you will usually find him playing dodgeball and board games.


Ingrid Parker – Band Director

For the past seven years, Ingrid has been a Band, Foods, and French Immersion teacher in the Beaumont area. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University College of Alberta and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta. When she isn’t in the classroom, Ingrid likes to spend time at the gym Olympic weightlifting, going to the farmer’s market, and shopping for cool antiques. Ingrid is very excited to bring some fun to her rather busy and hectic day as a junior high teacher by being a part of THREADS!


Evan Irwin – Technical Team

Evan Irwin is from Winnipeg, MB. This will be his 4th gathering and the 3rd one being on the production team, the previous two as the drummer for the CLAY band. Evan is very excited to be coming to the gathering in a different roll this year. His previous two gatherings as part of the band were an amazing experience for Evan and he learned and grew a lot while being a part of it. Evan has been involved in church his entire life as well as music and sound production for more then half his life and also love’s everything to do with computers and electronics (which is good since Evan’s job, when he isn’t nerding out, is an I.T. specialist….okay so he nerds out at work too!). So when the opportunity came up to be a part of the production team again as the Tech Director, Evan was overjoyed to be able to do something that combined so many of his favourite things. Evan is looking forward to worshiping together with everyone and can’t wait to see everyone in August in Thunder Bay!