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CLAY 2016: Charlottetown

Key Information

Date: August 17-21, 2016
Location: University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, PEI
Registration Cost: TBA (will be announced this fall)
Accommodation Cost: Included in registration fee. Additional nights (Tuesday and/or Sunday) can also be booked for $35/person/night.
Registration Deadline: TBA
CLAY is a gathering of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) and the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC).

Most Recent Articles

You Know You’ve Been To CLAY 2014 When…

– you rode a bus for four days and slept on church basement floors every night… and you wouldn’t trade it for anything! – the first LGG completely overwhelmed you. Worship songs with drums and bass guitars accompanying? Dancing? – you thought about the question “What defines you?” – you see the Woman at the Well, the Prodigal Son, and the woman caught in adultery in a whole new way – you swore that you’d never go dance in the praise pit – but then you did – you had a crush on at least one band member/drama member/keynote speaker – you learned how to tell the difference between herbs and weeds at the Servant Event – you heard something that made you rethink everything in your life up until this point – you thought that Lion’s Den was an improvement on Dragon’s Den and should be made into an actual TV show – you danced the night away (until the lights came on at midnight) – or at least awkwardly stood around for a few minutes – a bird swooped right past your head and your life flashed before your eyes at the BC Wildlife Park – you came home with copies of all of Scott Evans’ books – you went by the Huron...

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Going Home

The first few days after CLAY 2014 are often described as a “coming down from the mountaintop” for youth, home team leaders, and volunteers alike. After a full four days of activities and three nights of very little sleep, it can be difficult to get back into the routine of home life. After four days of interacting with several hundred Lutheran and Anglican youth, worshiping God and strengthening in faith, it can be difficult to not go back to the same temptations and old habits that you left behind  when you started the journey to Kamloops. What do you do when you get back home from CLAY, changed in a way that you may not understand yet , and everything else has stayed the same? It’s important to remember that CLAY Gatherings, which are often the “mountains” or spiritual high points for many people, are not the only times that you can be close to God. These events are valuable because they help us connect with other youth from across Canada, and allow us to see the world from a different perspective. We can worship in different ways that allow us to find new meaning in the liturgy and songs that we know by heart. We learn about our place in the wider church, beyond our...

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Crucifying the Church

This is a recap of Scott Evans’ talk on Sunday, August 17, 2014 at CLAY 2014. “Crucifying the Church: Death Into Life” Before the CLAY Gathering participants and volunteers took Communion together on Sunday, Scott discussed the meaning of the meal. When pastors and priests recite the ancient offerings of Jesus’ flesh and blood to us in the form of wine and bread, this is not just an invitation to participate in the Communion ritual. It is an invitation...

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Upside-Down Kingdom/Beyond These Walls

A recap of Scott Evans’ talks on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at CLAY 2014. “The Upside-Down Kingdom: The First Shall Be Last” During the morning Large Group Gathering, Scott described the various images of Jesus that are presented through churches and the media. Usually, it’s as a really, really good person – easygoing, maybe even so easygoing that He doesn’t seem to really stand for anything. “Sometimes we talk about Jesus as though they killed him because he was...

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CLAY 2014: Sunday

With CLAY 2014 ending faster than anyone had imagined, CLAY left everyone with a sadness to return home to school and work, but also a hope and inspiration from the songs we sang, the lessons from Scott Evans we learned, the team building with each other we had made, and even the skills we can bring home from the ministry projects. With everyone awake bright and early with their suitcases packed to enjoy their last breakfast together, the crowd...

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CLAY 2014: Saturday

With the last full day at CLAY coming to a close, each participant had their share of team building, important discussions, and lasting memories throughout the extensive activities throughout the day. Waking up bright and early to make the most out of their last day, each team met together to eat their breakfast and brace for the early large group gathering. Shortened to only forty-five minutes, the drama troupe, CLAY band, and keynote speaker Scott Evans manage to jam...

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Distortion/Contortion and Freedom/Perfection

A recap of Scott Evans’ presentations on Friday, August 15th, at CLAY 2014.  “Distortion and Contortion: Can You See You?” On Thursday, CLAY 2014 keynote speaker Scott Evans continued his discussion of how we often hide our true selves from others by attempting to become something that we are not. This struggle comes with consequences, as we contort ourselves in order to fit society’s expectations. Scott said that society’s expectations can act as funhouse mirrors, warping our perceptions of...

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Servant Event: Tranquille Farm

On Friday, August 15, CLAY participants travelled to Tranquille Farm, located about 15 minutes outside of Kamloops. Over the past 200 years, Tranquille has functioned as a settlement, a tuberculosis sanatorium, a home for people with intellectual disabilities, and a medical training centre. The town also played an important role in the 1857 Klondike Gold Rush. Tranquille was abandoned in 1985 after the closure of the medical training centre, but people continued to visit, drawn in by rumours that the settlement...

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